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The girls

Katherine Porter

Katherine joined Growing Futures on the summer course 2014, studying for her level 1 in Maths and English. Katherine had left school at 15 due to serious agoraphobia, which meant she was unable to finish school or leave her house.

With the help of KTS and their engagement team, Katherine improved enough to start attending the Fishponds centre and was referred on to the Growing Futures programme. Katherine initially was very introvert but after being buddied up with another learner, began to actively participate in all the Growing Futures modules, especially enjoying the cooking course, and the tea making social enterprise. This all cumulated in her organising and running the herbal tea stall at The Growing Futures Farmer's market, where she made £100 for her social enterprise module.

This experience increased her confidence massively and spurred her on to want to get a job. After completing an additional Growing Futures employability course she started applying for jobs.

Katherine has just finished her Maths and English exams and is awaiting the results and has completed her first week of work at New Look.

"I am very proud of myself, I was scared when I first joined Growing Futures but Desmond really made me feel comfortable, and helped me to do things that I never thought I could or would try to do. I can't believe I ran a tea stall, before the Growing Futures course I would never have spoken to anyone I didn't know. The employability course helped my confidence and now I've got a job, I'm so happy."